Notices For Upcoming Fly-in Events Planned On The VATSIM Network.
By Brad Crockett 921002
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The CZVR and CZWG FIRs are co-hosting the Vancouver to Winnipeg Snow Shuttle on February 1st.

Vancouverites have had a taste of snow this winter. But we're taking them to Winnipeg to show them what winter's really like!

Pilots are invited to fly Eastbound from Vancouver to Winnipeg during the event. CZWG controllers will be online for your arrival 3 hours later.

Depart Vancouver at:

Pacific Time: 3 PM
Central Time: 5 PM
Eastern Time: 6 PM
UTC: 2300Z

Vancouver ATC will be online from 2200-0000Z Feb 1,2020.
Winnipeg ATC will be online from 0100-0300Z Feb 2,2020.

Suggested routing for RNAV-capable aircraft is ADSIX KESTA YDC 5000N/11500W AXILI YDR J504 YBR and the BEFAN arrival. Don't file a SID departing Vancouver: ATC will assign you one when you call for clearance.