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Image pilot training program is a voluntary system that is open to each and every member of VATSIM. You can find more information about Pilot Training at the dedicated Pilot Training website.

The training for each rating will be provided by VATSIM Oceania Authorized Training Organization (ATO). ATOs are third party training providers who have undergone a certification audit by VATSIM's central pilot training team to ensure the quality of the program meets or exceeds VATSIM's documented standards for each rating and for how ATO administer the training to member pilots. The ATO awards VATSIM Pilot Ratings once the student has completed all required coursework successfully.

If you are looking to sharpen old skills or master new skills, please use our ATOs to help you learn the finer points of online flying with VATSIM to become the most proficient pilot you can be!
By Cam Tyson 1343852
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If you haven’t heard the news VATOCE is now an ATO! Which can be found here: This now means that you don’t have to go to some American based ATO and learn things that are way out of your convert zone! Also, because we are planning to do P2-P5 this means we are looking for instructors. In this role, you will train in either New Zealand or Australia with the respective training teams in just that country flying around the skies with your student. So why not join us at VATOCE ATO as a pilot instructor? If this is you and you are looking a rewarding and beneficial career within the region and helping new pilots unlocking their full potential, then WE NEED YOU! Please apply here: and be quick applications close on the September the 25th at 2359 Zulu. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at

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Cam Tyson