By Federico Navarro 1013441
#509199 Members of VATBRZ

Due to the last situations on the Division Gustavo has desired to step down from the position of Director of VATBRZ.
I want to wish Gustavo good luck and success on his personal life and thank him for the time offered to the division of Brazil and the Region of South America. Please join me and thank him for the time invested on the network.
By David Cordeiro 1146977
#510643 I believe that good or bad, Gustavo has the vatsim in a special place of your heart, administrations in people to help is difficult times, all have to thank for the posture of taking over and administering the vatbrz all along the time at the top. May God always enlighten your ways, and may you have all your goals attained. A big hug my friend, and success Gustavo...

David Cordeiro // 1146977
By Gustavo Oliveira 1138387
#521681 Thank you all for the oportunity and the confidence.
It isn´t a easy job for sure. Sorry if I didn´t covered all of expectations.
Hope the best for you all and our VATSIM.
David, you are a great person and I hope that you have a amazing journey as DD of VATBRZ.
Blu Skys ever!