By Michael Powers 1020124
#179485 I recently downloaded ASRC V1.2 and have read through the manual. However the problem I'm experiencing concerns the Voice Enhancements section. In the manual it says to open "options" Click "settings" and click on the box next to "Enable voice enhancements". On the sreen that I have there is no box to enable voice enhancements. Any suggestions on what to do next.
By Xavier Van Nieuwenhuyse 814642
#179522 The voice enhancements are enabled bu default in ASRC 1.2. The manual was not updated and still shows screens for situations from the previous ASRC version(s).
By Orestis Samaras 1058659
#281280 Hey guys...

I' ve been observing other controllers for a long time (around 8 mounts now) but recently I've come up with a small problem.

I can setup buttons for ground to ground communication but I cannot get them work. Shall I be an active controller to get g/g buttons work?

Please help me...!!!

Sorry if this question have been already answered on another topic but I haven't found something about it somewhere else, so...

Thanks in advance.