By Mark Lichtscheidl 975715
#275370 Hi,
I'm new to the vatsim network at least with a real effort to start using it by following the rules decided to download arsc to connect as a Pilot Observer to get upto speed with my communications skills so I don't come off like I ride the short bus. My region is North America and my division is United States

I downloaded and installed the software which loads fine, the instructions then say to obtain the sector file(s) for my region via the links on the right side of the vatsim home page. Following that for North America takes me to I can find absolutely nothing there, the only other link is to VATCAN, and I haven't found any files to download there either. This being totally new, I'm not sure if I missed something when reading or something else is assumed. Somehow I did find some site related to the Minneapolis ZMP? and found some sector files but there not very descriptive, but they do load. I have no idea if it's a valid file, but it displays like it was. The next step was to connect with my callsign and password and I selected "Observer", but always returns 'you have been disconnected from the server, your cid or password was incorrect'.
My thought there should be plenty of traffic in the midwest to listen to? But I'll take some direction here too.

I really need some detailed direction here, I keep reading, but I'm not getting anywhere on how to accomplish this. Ah and no, I don't ride the short bus!....yet

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

By Mark Lichtscheidl 975715
#275378 It took me awhile but I finally found it again. Clicked 'New Pilots Start Here', click 'FAQ Page', which puts you in the 'Pilot Software Help', from there click on 'Announcement: VATSIM PRC Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)' At the bottom of this FAQ is the following:

I am trying to get connected to Observe, (I am new and want to learn what to do) but I can't. Help?

Download and install ASRC, the VATSIM approved radar client. Using your VATSIM ID and Password you can log in and observe ATC and pilots in action. Set up the voice room so you can hear the communications between pilots and controllers, this can be very helpful f you are tentative about going online for fear of making a mistake.

Alternatively you can connect FS to the network and listen to communications as you set up your flight, but please be mindful of other users, DO NOT sit a busy airport during a flyin or event taking up valuable ramp/gate space if you are not going to fly. (ASRC would be a better option in this case). Remember from the CoC that there is a limited amount of time that you can observe, and due to bandwidth constraints, idle connections will be removed. Do not be afraid to make a mistake. As long as you make the effort to try we will always be willing to help. New members are the life blood of our hobby; we will never intentionally make you feel unwelcome.

This in some ways contradicts the majority of what I found that as long as your not at a airport with high traffic and parked out of the way go ahead and sit and listen with the controller aware of your intentions via the flight plan. Because as a newbie here and 90% of what I read are rules 'don't do this or else' (I know I'm new, it was just my first impression), so not wanting to violate any rules or get someone upset. after reading the above blurb, I set out to get ASRC working and listen in this mode. It's not very clear at all at least to me the new guy where to find the 'sector' files and following further instructions on connecting didn't get me in either. Like I said just trying to follow the rules and instructions etc .
By Kenneth Leidal 1090801
#278280 Hi Mark,

I'm new also. I've been a pilot for about a week and now am trying to download ARSC to Observe, like you, and to move up as a controller. I learned that I had to join at That is for the United States Division of North America. that Vatcan or whatever is the canada division. I'm still looking for the Sector Files too, so I'll get back to you on that if I can find anything. One of the reasons it might not log you in is because in VATUSA, you need to sign up to get your VATUSA CID (which is the same as your VATSIM User Name) and then you make your own password. That's what you probably use to log in on ARSC.

Hope I could help, still trying to get it working myself, but for New York,

Ken Leidal