By Matthew Rogerson 1096707
#282097 Hi Guys, I am new to Vatsim and would like to learn ATC, aswell as just generally listen to what is going on in order to learn.

I understand that the question that I am going to ask is probably covered somewhere, but unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find it either on the Vatsim websites or in the forums, and yes, I have tried searching.

Here is what I can do:

a)I can use fsx and use the radios to listen and speak. This is good for learning atc phraseology etc.
b)I have figured out how to use VRC, and how to assign controllers to the communications buttons by getting their voice server address from their ATIS info, and entering the required information.

I since thought that it may be better to try ASRC, as this seems to be the preferred ATC client for Vatsim, so I downloaded it, and have been through the 'introduction' and the 'configuration' on the website, however I get to a point where I have to enter a 'voice server' for setting up the channels. I CANNOT FIND OUT WHAT THE VOICE SERVER IS!!!!

I can see controllers listed in the top right. I can click on their names and get more details in the window in the bottom right, but simply assigning their frequency to a button in the voice window doesn't help.

I have downloaded Roger Wilco and only see about 8 different rooms with 1 to 2 people in them. I know that none of these are for Vatsim. I have read elswhere that the server is UK-1, but where do I put this and how do I access UK-1!!!!!

I am really looking forward to getting up and running with Vatsim, but there seems to be no logical guide to getting going, and there are that many different programs that nothing is in the same place. It is very difficult to find any of the information that you need. It is like finding a needle in a haystack (although that might be easier!).

Is there a list of Vatsim voice servers anywhere?
Is there a way to find out the voice server of a controller within ASRC?

I have: FSX, FSINN, VRC, ASRC, Roger Wilco, Squawkbox installed.

I want to: Use an ATC client to monitor ATC traffic on the screen whilst listening to ATC an Pilots at a specific airport in order to observe and learn.

I DO NOT want to just sit at a gate in FSX and listen.

I understand that you have probably been asked these questions many many times, but I have read some of the replies to other topics from new users and the replies were no constructive and there are lots of topics not answered and left open which is one of the reasons that these questions get asked time and time again, and why it is so difficult to find an answer.

If you can help me with my query then you have my gratitude.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#282110 To get the controller info (including voice URL) in ASRC, use the .atis command. For example:

.atis BOS_CTR

You should receive a private message from the controller with his info.

Also, note that there is no preferred ATC client on VATSIM. The choice is entirely yours. I would recommend trying all three and finding your preference.
By Ruth McTighe 824054
#282212 Have a look at You'll find the top two links are the set-up guides for beginners for ASRC and VRC.

You don't need Roger Wilco as all the voice stuff is done direclty through the controllers programs. The voice server is the same for any given controller, whether you are using ASRC or VRC, and as you've discovered you get it from the controller's atis. It's just how to get it and where you have to enter it that's different in the two programs.

Have a go with the setup guide and let us know if you're still stuck after that.