By James Perry 1099173
#284037 I am just starting the use of ASRC controller software, and have found the ZAU sector file:ZAU Pro Resurrection v1.2.sct. However there seems to be something wrong somewhere. On the map, when "APT" and "APT LABLES" are turned on, some of the smaller airports e.g. "61C" (about 30nm ESE of KMSN) have a long string of other airport identifiers after the "K61C." The identifiers are the same identifiers in the same order which are found in the sct file. (The string starts "K61CK63CK63M . . . ." and the sct file lists in order "K61C" then "K63C" etc.")

Inspecting the sct file did not reveal any obvious error around K61C, missing separators, etc. So what could be going on?

Also there are a lot of extraneous characters around some the aircraft blips. Lots of "IIIIIIIII", which are not the ghostly history I's. Don't know if the two are related.