By John Whitney 1120607
#312070 I've registered and received my VATSIM ID and Password. I installed ASRC 1.2 and loaded a sector. I see the message in the lower left corner saying "7 servers received from network." I click File/Connect, fill out the fields in accordance with the instructions in the Observers documentation and click OK and nothing happens. There are no messages and nothing changes on the display. I disabled my Windows XP firewall to make sure nothing was being blocked and this didn't help.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
By Wycliffe Barrett 895867
#312128 John

My first question is why are you using ASRC. ASRC is very hard to use is not at all intuitive to the learner.

Can I suggest if your just starting your controlling that you download VRC, it is far easier to learn is intuitive as it is a window based programme. I think you will find more support also in the VRC forum as many controllers have converted to VRC.

I started on ASRC back in 2005 but cannot remember one thing about so cant help in that regard.