By Rakesh Kunnath Vijayan 1129394
#321567 Hi everybody,
Am very much new to vatsim.I don't know what should i do to become observer.Mainly don't know which division should be selected,which softwares should be downloaded.Am in INDIA and got just registered.AM very much eager to know how can i improve through vatsim.Thank you for your patience to read this post and please anyone be kind to replay me in detail.
By Wycliffe Barrett 895867
#321569 Hello Rakesh

I'm not sure whether you wish to observe as a pilot or as ATC. India does have its own division here and you will get lots of information from there.

Once you have decided how you would like to observe come back and ask your question in the correct forum board and youw ill get a lot of help.

I know you have written in the ASRC board here but I'm still not sure how you wish to observe.