By Mayank Jalan 1286731
#463467 hi..i downloaded the sector file for india but when i tried to load it on VRC, no sector files are visible for loading. I tried downloading the file again but to no use. I tried it for Sri Lanka also but no result. What should i do? my e-mail ID: [email protected]
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#463495 yes you need to open the zip file, take the file contained within that, and place it in the VRC folder

youll also need a pof file. if it doesnt come with that download, should be with another. if not youll need to contact your ACC, theyll help you set it up.

if you are controlling in the west asia division, im not sure if they prefer you use VRC or Euroscope, make sure to contact them, theyll help you out