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By David Veksenfeld 1442402
#529643 I had a problem where all of the traffic were white A321s, and I fixed that (partially)

Now I have an issue where there are different types of planes (B737s, MD80s, A330s,) but they don't have any liveries, as in the plane, just appears white. I am using FLAI, and it says that it includes over 2000 liveries, so why is it not showing up? I used the installer to install the liveries and I configured vPilot to read the ruleset. Once again, is there anything major or obvious I'm missing? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#529650 Known issue that has cropped up very recently for a very small number of users. FLAI and vPilot developers are both looking into it but have not yet been able to duplicate the issue on their development machines which makes troubleshooting more difficult.

Relevant thread here: viewtopic.php?f=132&t=77614&start=15#p529588
By David Veksenfeld 1442402
#529652 With a bit of tinkering, I found a solution.

When I ran the client for FLAI, I set the folder to a new folder titled 'FLAI" on my HDD. I noticed on vPilot that it wasn't reading any of the planes in this folder. By reading the manual provided with the manual installation, I realized that I needed to set the install directory on the client to my main P3D folder. After I did this, there were now FLAI models in the "SimObjects" folder in the main root of P3D. I went onto vPilot and went to "settings -> hit the plus button where it says model matching -> and then in advanced I unchecked all of the models that didn't have "FLAI" at the beginning. Sure enough, next Vatsim flight I do, all of the liveries are what they are supposed to be.
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#529654 It should also be possible to install FLAi to your HDD. As Don posted above, for whatever reason, that isn't working. Glad you were able to find an interim fix until we can get the other issue resolved.