Pilot software except vPilot, SquawkBox, FSInn and XSquawkbox
By John Harris 1138326
#333768 I have everything connected and for my call sign I just typed the one in I use. Well it connected me to server I can't hear anyone. Do I have this set up right?

By Larry James 901346
John Harris 1138326 wrote:I have everything connected and for my call sign I just typed the one in I use. Well it connected me to server I can't hear anyone. Do I have this set up right?


Hi, John. The whole PRC has lots of valuable information. You might consider starting out with the sections:

1) Required Reading
2) First Flight Lesson
3) and Software Addons (to grab Servinfo to see where there's traffic and ATC coverage)

Let us know how you make out from there.

Welcome to VATSIM!

-- L. James

L. D. James
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#333886 what callsign you use is totally up to you. are you doing an airline flight? if so, use the airlines code and flight number, or if you fly for a VA, however it is they ask for in theyre operating procedures.

you can also use tail numbers etc..

this has no bearing tho on whether you are on an ATC frequency. you have to tune your comm radio to the channel listed on the online ATC list on whichever client you use (SB/FSINN)

once you do that, you can contact them via text and voice, if they have a voice channel available, if not, use text.

there has to be a controller online for this, remember these are real people, not automated robots, so there will be times where there wont be ATC in your area. when that happens you remain on Unicom, theres no ATC on unicom, its just for pilots to make position reports for traffic in theyre area.

if there is a controller online and you are tuned to theyre channel, can you post a screenshot of the comm panel and squawkbox? or if using FSINN, look at the icon in your toolbar, the thing that looks like a traffic signal, is that there?
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#333889 in the US, when there is no ATC on, Unicom is 122.80, no ATC on that frequency, just pilot to pilot reports.

if there is a controller online, theyll be listed on your Squawkbox and FSINN ATC list. in squawkbox, its right next to the chat window. in FSINN, click ATC on the FSINN control panel.

if nobody is listed, means no controllers in your area. you can double check by checking who is online on the vatsim home page or by using Vatspy or Servinfo which will show you who is on and where.
By John Harris 1138326
#333894 OK, So I finally got it I think. I am running FSX do I have to me in Multiplayer to work? Also how do I find an ATC do you have a link to a list. Last question, How do I keep up with my Vatsim hours, do they keep them. I need 20 hours.
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#333896 still not sure what client are you using, are you using FSINN or Squawkbox?

no, in FSX no need to open a multiplayer session from what ive been told, someone who uses FSX can confirm that one, i dont have it.

the online list is located on the main vatsim.net site, click who is online. you can find vatspy at www.metacraft.com/VATSpy and it will show you an online map with everything.

make sure to read through the PRC, it explains everything. dont skim through, youll thank me later :lol:

last question you asked, what exactly do you need 20 hours for? theres no online requirements at vatsim. or is this a requirement for a VA? all your vatsim stats can be found on the main vatsim.net page, click on statistics, login with your vatsim account info
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#333898 ok if using fsinn, once you connect, you should a hear a ding dong, VATSIM button will turn green, that will confirm you are connected.

after that, click the ATC button on FSINN, thats the ATC list. any controllers in your area will show up there. now that doesnt mean you are in theyre airspace, just shows whos online around you. to know who's airspace you are in, i recommend just using vatspy or servinfo, itll show you where you and whos airspace you are in so you have an idea who to call if they are online
By John Harris 1138326
#333911 Ok so I read and downloaded VAT-Spy, nice tool. My Vat is connected and I am on the cround in a flight. I still am unable to hear or communicate. I am sure it's operator error. I have my control panel open and am looking at my VAT screen. Do I need to put the freq I want under frequency?

Please help
By Richard Gerrish 1029296
#333913 yes you need to tune your com1 on your radio stack to the freq that you're using either unicomm 122.80 or the controllers freq when they are online. a quick command to tune the radio in FSInn is .c1 XXX.XX swap the X's with the freq that you want to tune