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By Simon Kelsey 810049
#529835 We're pleased to announce that BAVirtual is now open for new member applications following a recent recruitment freeze whilst we completed a major upgrade of our website and internal systems.

BAVirtual is a voluntary, not for profit organisation, that fulfills a role to provide a structured, hands-on educational environment for aspiring pilots that accurately mimics BA operations.

We provide an environment where individuals can learn about the principles of flying for an airline to a fairly advanced level, using commercially available software to create a simulated 'virtual airspace' that is identical in navigational terms to the real world. This highly realistic system acts as a 'knowledge gateway' for aspiring pilots, by allowing them to assimilate some of the more challenging aspects of airline flying but in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

As a VATSIM Authorised Training Organisation we are also able to offer world-class training toward VATSIM Pilot Ratings.

With more than 2,700 available flights, updated weekly to reflect the actual BA schedule, along with one of the most active, welcoming and helpful communities in the Flight Sim world and a wide range of documentation and fleet resources based on real-world reference material, BAVirtual is more than just a virtual airline -- it is a unique community of aviation enthusiasts.

Join BAVirtual and start your virtual aviation career with us in 2019.