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By Muhammad Affan Ellahi 1380449
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We are back with Emirates Virtual City Connection Tour Season 2.

Howdy Captains!
We are super excited to tell you our 3nd leg that we are here to announce a tour & leg 3 by Emirates Virtual Group.

The City Connection Tour Season 2, Leg 3 details details,

The third leg is [OMDB-UKBB] : Fly with us & get a chance to win amazing gifts aswell as many pilots will fly together. Also there is full ATC coverage which is confirmed at the departure & arrival airports.

There are some details below which you are requested to read.

NOTE: This is the third leg of the tour & there will be total 4 legs, Third leg being OMDB to UKBB, And those pilot who will fly, he will win. But NOTE they should fly for Emirates Virtual Group. (if you are not Emirates VA pilots go here and sign up )

If you are flying with Emirates Virtual Group book your slot here to book at EKv website : , And if also flying on VATSIM (Book your slot aswell on VATSIM HQ and yeah best thing is for those who will fly for Emirates Virtual they have chance to win but those who are only joining us in group flight e.g VATSIM or any other online NETWORK pilot. NOTE They will not win any gifts as gifts are only for EKv pilots!!!

Participate in all 4 legs & make more chance to win gifts.

Gift Details,

They will get a free Copy of any 3 Addons from HiFi Simulation, Any 1 Addon from REX Simulation & unlimited discount coupons for those who will participate from REX, Any Addon upto 70$ from Flight1, & Special 30% discount from FS2Crew, And a special gift from Emirates Virtual Group!

Win eg : Active Sky, REX Skyforce, From Flight1 anything etc

So Yeah Book Your Slot and give your best to win These Amazing Gifts,
6 Winners will be select by there flying points eg they will fly in all (4) legs etc they will get more chance to win.

NOTE Its not required to fly in all legs (if you cant) as winners will be decided by points table which will send to after all legs throw email

here are some points details

Pilots will get there flight points information after every Leg (Flight) by there email

Points will be total 10
5 points = if flying with everyone in 4 week group flight (1 flight every week)
1 point = if landing rate is below -100
1 point = if flying in VATSIM/IVAO/Or any online network but not for offline pilots
2 point = of you did return flight before next leg
1 point = if you took of by given time of event

-4 points = if you file manual pirep (If you dont provide vaild reason)
-1 point = if you dont book your slot before 24 hours of event
-1 point = if you land above -600
0 point = if you dont fly at the time of event and in group flight
-3 points = if you use simrate

So yeah see you on 12th of Oct 2019 Sharp at 12.30z till arrival

(Pilots are allow to fly after 12:30z till next 5 days from the date of event if they don’t fly in group flight to keep there chance to win)

Be there for flight brief at EKv Official Discord channel at 12.00z


Discord Server Link

EKv website link


Till then take care,
Have a Good Day,

Excited ,
- Team Emirates Virtual Group