A weekly award for high controller staffing on VATSIM
By Mark Richards 811451
#493886 Hi all

We've been noticing a number of ATC positions where the controllers have been found to be away from their computer in contravention of the VATSIM Code of Conduct for an unreasonable time.

For those attempting to be awarded the IronMic for that week, this is quite unfair as IronMic is all about having ATC online for more hours providing more ATC for more users to enjoy.

We have asked Supervisors to alert us when they deal with a Controller who is away from their keyboard for more than a reasonable amount of time (toilet breaks, getting a quick refreshment etc.) so that IronMic is fairer for all.

When someone is reported, and this is confirmed as breaching the CoC, that position will be marked as Disqualified for the week next to their hours and each subsequent position will move up one in rankings for that week.

This is all about being fair to everyone and enjoying the Network.

By Mark Richards 811451
#515627 Further to this, there have been a number of reports of late of some controllers controlling for long periods without a primary frequency set.

This means that pilots don't see them as being online therefore the Controllers are not actively controlling aircraft.

Reports of this nature, where the time without a primary frequency is excessive, will also be considered for disqualification.