By Thomas Mathieu 998318
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It is with great excitement that we announce the unification of all Divisions within Africa into a single, unified division as of 1 February 2016.

After many years of hard work, trials and testing, the members of Africa have been able to successfully unify this extremely large and diverse continent into one division.

The newly improved division, emerging from the Region’s United One Africa initiative, will consist of two vACCs, North and South lead by VATSIM Africa Division Director Jason Adriaan. The new and improved Africa Division will be spearheaded by dedicated VATSIM members who are passionate about aviation in Africa.

To visit your new African Division, please visit There will be many bugs to squash and hurdles to leap, but we are very confident that you will enjoy your new Division.

I wish Jason and his dedicated team great success!

I would also like to thank the large team of members who pulled out every bit of magic, sweat and long hours to make this day possible…YOU ROCK!

Best Regards,
Thomas Mathieu
Region Director
VATSIM Africa and Middle East
By Mark Richards 811451
#495870 Fantastic News!

Congratulations to all the Africa members and all the best to Jason and his team!

This is an exciting time for the Region Thomas so well done on bringing it all together!

And to top it off, a great win to Kenya for IronMic Week 4, 2016 on Mombassa Approach