By Thomas Mathieu 998318
#507563 We are very pleased to announce that Deon Matthews had been appointed to Interim Director for VATSIM Africa Division Effective Immediately. First, we thank George Condes for his successful tenure and dedication and welcome a dedicated and longtime member to the staff. Although the appointment is interim, we fully expect Deon will fulfill the requirements necessary to complete the permanent transition. Please join me in congratulating Deon and granting best wishes and thanks for George!
Thomas Mathieu - 998318
By Mark Richards 811451
#507568 An excellent choice, well done Deon. All the best in your new role and thanks for stepping up to the challenge.

Thanks to George for his work while in the role and all the best for your retirement.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#507572 Congratulations, Deon, I, and all of us from the USA, wish you all the best of success.

Thank you, George, for all that you've done for Africa and for VATSIM.

Looking forward to great things from Africa on VATSIM!
By Ismail El Moussati 1267995
#507613 Congrats Deon for the new position, and thanks George for the great work we have done together.