By Matthew McEwen 1303289
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Do you have training experience?

The South African vACC, ACCSAF, is seeking help from people who have experience with the mentoring of ATC students. We would like to invite anybody fitting that description to join our vACC as a visiting mentor to aide us with an ever-growing number of new students which our very small team of mentors is struggling to handle.

If you fit the criteria outlined below, please express your interest in this opportunity by email to [email protected] :-
- Have at least 100 hours on an ATC rating of C1 or above.
- Have held an ATC rating of C1 or above for no less than 6 months.
- Have experience with a vACC/ARTCC/Division's training system in the capacity of an Instructor or Mentor.
- Note that these mentorships will be temporary positions and will only exist whilst we work through the current backlog we are experiencing.

This post will be circulated by social media, the VATSIM Forums and the VATAME HQ.

Kindest regards
Matt McEwen
Deputy Director of ATC Training - ACCSAF