By Furqan Shakil 1255841
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The Emirates vACC is looking for ATC from Time Zone "2200Z - 1100Z" specifically for events during the morning local time.

Visiting Controllers:
We are hiring Visiting ATC Members for who will be able to meet those time zone requirements and are at-least an S2 rated member or higher.

Resident Members:
If you wish to join as a resident controller, you can join us after changing your region/division to VATAME/VATME and start your VATSIM ATC Training in Emirates vACC.

ATC will experience a new level of controlling in a very busy airspace that is flown by pilots from every part of the world!

If you are interested to help, please sign up as a visitor or resident controller.

To submit your application, visit and create a ticket to the UAE vACC staff with your interest.