By Michael Mund-Hoym 1038942
#527662 The VATSIM Membership Department is seeking applications for the position of VATSIM Membership Manager – Africa/Middle East, Asia and Oceania Regions.

The primary responsibilities of the position include:
• Providing one on one assistance to members of the assigned Regions through the VATSIM Membership Department Help Desk ticket system
• Any other tasks assigned by the VATSIM Vice President of Membership and his designee(s)

Position requirements:
• Be at least 21 years of age at the time of application
• Be a member of the VATSIM network for no less than 24 months at the time of application
• Have a clean VATSIM record for no less than 12 months at the time of application
• Hold a VATSIM Pilot rating of P1 or higher
• Have thorough knowledge of VATSIM policies, especially the VATSIM Code of Conduct, the VATSIM Code of Regulations and the VATSIM Data Protection & Handling Policy
• Have a basic understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• Have excellent English oral and written communication skills
• Be willing to dedicate a minimum of 30-60 minutes per day on average to this position

The ideal candidate should
• Hold a VATSIM ATC rating of Controller (C1) or higher
• Have excellent oral and written communication skills in one or more foreign languages used within the geographical area to be covered, preferably Mandarin Chinese and/or Arabic
• Meet VATSIM Supervisor eligibility requirements (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=67987)
• Have experience as a VATSIM Supervisor or in a VATSIM Division or Region staff position

Applications are to be sent via e-mail to Daniel Gomes, VATSIM Vice President of Membership, at [email protected] and Michael Mund-Hoym, Assistant to the VATSIM Vice President of Membership, at [email protected] by no later than 21 October 2018.

Applicants should include a VATSIM related C.V., a brief resume describing their interest in VATSIM Membership Department work and what may set them apart from other applicants, as well as a letter of recommendation from a Division level or higher VATSIM staff member.

After an initial evaluation of the applications suitable candidates will be contacted for a comprehensive interview.