By George Condes 1132702
#535495 The VATSIM Southern Africa Division takes great pleasure in announcing that our Kenya vACC has expanded and is now known as East Africa vACC (ACCEAC).

ACCEAC will be responsible for the following FIRs:

• HKNA (Nairobi, Kenya)
• HBBA (Bujumbura, Burundi)
• HRYR (Kigali, Rwanda)
• HTDC (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
• HUEC (Entebbe, Uganda)

The new East Africa vACC will better serve the East African community by taking on the responsibility of actively managing the area on VATSIM. This will lead to an increase in pilot and ATC traffic and will also provide an opportunity for enhanced and elevated training in the area.

Please direct any enquiries regarding East Africa vACC or the Southern Africa Division to the Division Director at [email protected].

George Condes
VATSIM Southern Africa Division Director