By George Condes 1132702
#538911 It gives me great pleasure to announce that Evans Oludhe was been elected as Director of the new East African Community vACC. Evans brings with him a huge amount of enthusiasm and knowledge and I have no doubt the he and his team will take the vACC to new heights.

I would also like to thank Matt McEwen for the hard work and dedication that he put into establishing and managing ACCEAC and wish him well in his new endeavours.

George Condes
VATSIM Southern Africa Division Director
By Chriss Klosowski 1306415
#538967 Congratulations Evans Oludhe! Best of luck in your new position!

Matt, thank you so much for all of you have for Kenya , VATSAF and making EAC what it is today! I wish you the best of luck for the future.