By Justin Berry 1388016
#514437 I've been using a website that files my flight plan for me but for some reason the server for it seems to ALWAYS be busy. So I can't get a flight plan and I'm forced to use the FSX planner. Any body have any other websites they can recommend? The site I used was
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#514515 There are a few. Also some tools you can buy if you want.
To name the most common used tools is vRoute, Simbrief and PFPX.

vRoute contains a huge database of user submitted routes to use, and you can export the routes to VATSIM, your flightsimulator and even to addon aircrafts.

Simbrief is a "planning" tool. It can help you plan your required fuel, weights etc. ( I am not sure if there are a database for routes, but it can generate routes at least).

PFPX, does the same as Simbrief, but a lot more tweakable. There are no database for routes unless you add them yourself, as they are stored locally. There is a networkthing available, not sure how stable it is.