By Camilo Bernal 893284
#185497 Here is a missing real world website for Brazil terminal and enroute charts:

This information may be an excellent addition to the chartfinder tool. charts = cartas

Best all,
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#196649 LINK Correction:

Swiss/Austria/Germany vACC "Flightplan Centre"
The VACC-SAG Flightplan centre. Many flight routes around the world to and from the SAG area

VATroute is VACC-SAG's successor to the popular flightplan database "FPC - Flightplan Center", providing a web-version and a client that includes possibility to pre-file your flightplans without visiting a website before your flight! VATroute is now a worldwide service so you will not only find many flight routes around the world to and from the SAG area but also to and from other member countries. If your ARTCC/VACC or VA are interested in joining VATroute, please contact the authors!
By Ka Iao Leong 982332
#203970 Hi, could you please upload the parking/gate charts for KJFK and KBOS. KATL? I cannot find any detail parking stand charts for these airports. Only aerodrome charts which is detail enough for taxiing on the main taxiways. Thanks
By Ivan Kovacevic 920456
#204006 Have you checked the first POST of this TOPIC?

You won't find anything before you spend at least a few seconds searching for it. Took me a minute to find the chart with no other information except that written in this topic.
By Guilherme Araujo 985425
#212145 Hello guys!

I think you should change Brazilian link charts because that link only have a few charts and it seems to me they are out of date!

This website is amazing for Brazilian charts! This website is from the DECEA (our airspace authority)

But the websiteis in Portuguease, so if you enter on the site search for CARTAS is the same as CHARTS, and put the ICAIO code of the airport and you have to submit in that purple button below written CONSULTAR>> and you will see the list of charts of that airport!

I hope I can help you guys!
:wink: :wink:
By Neil Dewson-Smyth 813906
#212307 Sorry for the late response to updates...

Some changes today..

Hong Kong

SAG vACC FPC link now changed to reflect VATroute.

I've also worked through the Africa/Middle East Section.

Iraq and Lebanon and dead and we need new links. Any links will be gratefully received.

Libya link is dead. They seem to be working on a new eAIP site but it is very much WIP with "test" all over it.

More updates will follow in due course.
By Neil Dewson-Smyth 813906
#213192 Updates today.

New Zealand added as above.

European CFMU Flight Plan Validator... new link.

By Jose Nicolas Larenas 897850
#213557 Please update all South America links... :D


Thank you! :wink:
By Chris Isted 1029267
#224360 hello, anybody knwo why non of the canadian charts are workign right now?

i try to access them and i just get an error page, all other countries seem to work fine.

if anybody knows i would appreciated the feedback


By Josh Brundage 1033930
#235672 Chart Finder seems to be acting up again...when you click the link for an actual chart, the new window opens as normal, but the new window never loads. It keeps showing: ... efault.asp
it keeps adding "lls/misc/" I'm using Safari, but have never had a problem in the past. I took the long way to the charts through the website and the site was working fine. Any ideas?


Just tried with Firefox too. Same result.