By James Atchley 931576
#235893 Maybe the Chartfinder site goes down now and then? Tried it a few minutes ago and every link leads to a 'website not found' meassage. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm a new VATSIM pilot and the Chartfinder website looks like a great idea.

By Collin Hockey 964177
#235983 Chartfinder seems to be pointing to the 0803 chart cycle, which no longer exists. The current charts are 0805.

This link will allow you to download charts, although the interface is not nearly as slick.
By Mark Nolan 1088694
#272408 Hi guys, I'm a newbie so dont kill me if this has already been posted, i've had a quick look and dont think it is
its a free online route planner

Also, it looks like the emirates virtual site isnt up and running, I used the UAE link in the pilots resource centre, but I couldnt find anywhere on the page that came up SIDS/STARs for the airport I wanted (or any for that matter)


By Alexander Cohrs 899395
#277011 Guys,

now we also have charts available for Lagos DNMM (Nigeria).
The link:

And if I may point you again to the charts for Accra DGAA (Ghana), Lomé (Togo) and Cotonou (Benin):

Would be great if you could add these links!

By Brian Derx 968139
#306356 Since there are now a host of RNAV approaches and fixes superseding older approaches and departures,
is there some way to edit FS9 files to take out obsolete fixes and add the current ones? I guess these
are "BGL" files, but what do we need to do to update the data? How to identify which file to work on?

Brian Derx
VATSIM 968139
By Pascal Musacchio 1125281
#318202 Hello I am knew to Vatsim,and though I fly since 1989, I have nver considered flying online until now. I have gone through the charts that Vatsim has to offer and I am really impresed. I am having difficulty finding Low level, High level and TCA charts?

For instance if I tak-of from Vancouver CYVR I can find HI, Lo SID, STAR charts from VATCAN, however I cannot find High level/low level and TCA charts to get me to San Francisco

It would be great if Vatsim included these charts as a one stop solution for flight planning. Other question is which is the best flight planning tool which integrates weather for flight within the US. For flights departing from Canada I use this for real life flight planning.

What software be it just for flight simming (or for real flights) would include weather. I am simply looking for the most steamlined tools.

Thank you very much for your assistance :wink:

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By Jason Baxter 920557
#318204 All us charts are available online at [url][/url] they have copies of IFR enroute and VFR charts, as well as IAP charts.

Also IAP charts are available at as well as