By Rohan Nair 1121915
#316900 Hi,

I am wondering if anyone has found a complete charts package for Mumbai (VABB). I checked on the VATIND website but they don't have any for SIDs or STARs. Where can I find them all?

By tom van der elst 832562
#316904 ... ip.html?en

even the indian AIP doesn't have SID's or STAR's for VABB,
so I'm believing they don't have any.

edit :
no charts found,however,in this pdf document page 19,20 and 21 there is a good
description of SIDs in use. ... MUMBAI.pdf


By Martin Loxbo 811805
#316980 Aerodrome information, aerodrome charts and instrument approach charts:


I believe there are also conventional SIDs in an AIP Supplement somewhere on this page:

Unfortunately the old Supps don't show a title, and I can't be bothered right now to look through them all. :)