By Jayden Koo 1266647
#449724 PFPX will be publish next week. This afternoon Aerosoft uploaded the manual from PFPX on its forum to give you the chance to read about its features which you can expect.

Manual_PFPX_en_web.pdf 2.64MB
Quote: ... ntry513954

What do you think about this tool? Useful tool or only "nice-to-have-but-not-mandatory"?
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#449755 There is a special promotion for VATSIM members, providing you with a 10% discount on the purchase. Keep in mind that after the first 365 days of the activation of the product, you will have to buy further subscription for 365 days, otherwise you won't get any automatic loading of winds aloft, weather, NOTAMs, NATs etc.. . All the other functions of the program will be fully functional, though!
By Carsten Raum 1262341
#449892 Hi Everybody

As Andreas said, there is a discount for Vatsim user on PFPX.

Everybody who is instressted, just send me an PM and I will provide the Rabatt Coupon including the Downloadlink.
Planned release is 28.8.2013

Best Regards,

Carsten Raum