By Luke Alley 1277782
#458078 Hey everyone. I am sure a lot of you on here use the iOS app called VatMap. For the past week or so I have been experiencing problems using the "charts" part of the app. I type in my ICAO code, it loads for a sec, then the blue loading bar goes away and nothing shows up. I have downloaded it on 3 different devices, all with the same results. I have it on my iPhone, my iPod and I tried on my dads iphone also. Has anyone got any idea what's going on? Maybe something from the developers of it? I love using this app as it is a very quick and convenient app to use for any sim pilot. Thanks!
By Kyprianos Biris 810309
#493003 As of last week VATMAP app is reading from two data servers which are stuck to old data.
When it cycles through the rest the data is up to date.
Anyone know how to contact the developer ?
By Alistair Brown 1286679
#495799 VatTraffic for the iPhone is a possible alternative but it only works with the phone in landscape mode and doesn't seem to be updating AIRAC data even after entering a valid Navigraph access code (which the app accepted). It's basically a free, cut-down version of the (payware) iPad "777 EFB" app. However, purely as a VATSIM viewer I don't think it is as slick as VatMap.
By Kyprianos Biris 810309
#496563 Nice to see it back to life, thanks Wkberg

"Single Russian Women" banner at bottom, wish me luck explaining my wife this is an app for VATSIM traffic :mrgreen:
By Wouter van den Berg 1187325
#496565 Haha oops...

Still tuning the ads. I'll flag that one as offending.

I wish we could do without the ads but we need them to fund our server.
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By Kyprianos Biris 810309
#496566 Understandable.
She'd think these moving aircraft with callsign are the traveling Russian Women available in the vicinity LOL!
By Kyprianos Biris 810309
Wouter van den Berg 1187325 wrote:Added more charts and a route plotter. :)

Wouter, are you importing data for custom new ATC sectors coming on line ?
Example ADRIA Radar.


Sectors data can be found here: