By Wojciech Przybylski 1151906
#495379 I would like to share my tutorial on how to file a Vatsim flight plan.

My guide includes basic rules and instructions about what to enter in the flight plan. I also discuss good (and bad) practices and share some comments that I collected when I interviewed Vatsim controllers (who were so kind to share their opinions with me).

If your knowledge and/or experience suggests that I should include some additional information please let me know :)

Any comments and corrections will be greatly appreciated.

How to file Vatsim flight plan
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
First and foremost – VFPS saves flight plans directly on Vatsim servers and confirms that the plan was saved.

vPilot offers the same capability. In fact, it's even one step better - you can fetch your current flight plan back from the server, including any amendments controllers have made to it.

The second good reason to use VFPS – it forces you to fill in all necessary fields.

Again, so does vPilot.

There is a difference between Vatsim form (“old FAA”) and ICAO flight plan where you can indicate an intended flight rules change (VFR first then IFR or IFR first then VFR).

There's even a difference between the VATSIM form and the "old FAA" form; even the latter allowed you to file a composite flight plan (e.g. you check both "VFR" and "IFR" boxes). Unfortunately, you're right - the VATSIM form doesn't allow that.

TCAS, e.g. T/B738/L (T means that this 737-800 is equipped with TCAS).
T/ prefix may not be used (or looked at) in some countries.

The "T/" prefix has been abandoned several years ago by the FAA. Since that's the whole basis of the flight plan form, I would say it's not looked at in any countries now. Are there examples of where that's not true?
By Sean Harrison 870618
#495384 Wojciech, thankyou for adding to the VATSIM community with your time and efforts. It is great to see members giving back to our community.

Maybe even the VATSIM training or document team could use your services, I'm sure they would always be looking for helpers.

Another reference for airline codes
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#495407 The T/ could be dropped, yes. In Europe, for example, it is a requirement to carry a TCAS for planes heavier than 5,700kg or with more 19 passenger seats.
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
Wojciech Przybylski 1151906 wrote:Some Vatsim controllers still look at /T

Did you mean "T/" there? If so... that's what I'm asking - in which regions are these controllers, and is there a non-FAA basis for their doing so (or is it just because the FAA once did it years ago)?

Many VATSIM controllers do this as a hobby and have latched onto outdated (or sometimes just plain incorrect) information when they learned the material many moons ago. In such cases, their continued usage doesn't (at least, shouldn't, IMHO) mean we must perpetuate such errors.
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
Wojciech Przybylski 1151906 wrote:Hi,

Thanks for your feedback. I updated the tutorial with information about vPilot and the status of /T prefix.

I would say it's not looked at in any countries now

Some Vatsim controllers still look at /T

they look at it because FSINN files it by default and pilots dont edit it out, not for any other reason lol
By Wojciech Przybylski 1151906
#495517 I think that some controllers look at T/ (yes - I meant T/ before) because it is included in official Vatsim guide. ... pment-code

I have changed my tutorial a little to show what you have said about T/ in this thread.
By Sean Harrison 870618
#503880 Having never experienced any other controller client than VRC (which I love), I'm very interested to know what the current clients, or even VATSIM controllers would interprete the following examples as within a flight plan;

All these are filed with a C550/R as IFR at FL380 with 440 knots between two airports and appear in the flight plan body.

........ TRANA/N0280F200F240 .........

........ TRANA UNZ/N0200A090 VFR ............

........ UNZ270060 .........

I've done some fairly descriptive plans as a pilot, and generally form the impression that ATC have no idea what I'm doing. Interpreting FP seems to have centred on milkrun standards (the most common).
By Eleazar Victoriano 1235566
Bradley Grafelman 1242018 wrote:
Eleazar Victoriano 1235566 wrote:I don't know if it's me but everytime I tried to file a flight plan using vPilot,it gives a fail to file message :?

Can you show us a screenshot of the flight plan window in vPilot?

How you that?
By Sean Harrison 870618
#504178 Hit the PRT SCR (print screen) button, usually in top right of keyboard, then open say PAINT or even a Word document. Press CTRL + V. You should now have a copy of your screen with the error message that you can trim up.