By Shamil Shah 1287821
#500637 First of all,sorry for my English is Bad ;)
Okay so i m really really new to the VATSIM world.I had been using Flight Simulator for a long time,and stopped using it for another long period and now i'm in again.I have done flights using the default flight plans :P
I m very much in need of help ! I just want to know how to follow the flight plan that we use in a vatsim. I dont know how to follow a flight route.
Suppose in this route : N0492F320 MIADA M318 KITAP/N0489F380 UM628 DFN G782 JDW/0224, if the controller has asked me to follow MIADA ,how do i do it ? How do i navigate into waypoints ? Do we have to manually enter the route in the default FS GPS ? How do we get the heading of waypoints ?
I dont need the instrument based answers ;)
Just wanted to know how to follow the route and navigate.
I use FS9 and squawkbox 4.
Your asnwers are highly appreciated.Please help me so that i can complete my flights :)
Thanks in advance !
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#500640 if you dont know how to follow a route, it sounds like you are trying to do too much too soon. learn the basics first, then everything else will make more sense. otherwise you will just be overwhelmed. we can tell you to push a button, but you wont really be learning anything by doing so. im not a believer in "faking it til you make it"

FS9 has some good tutorials. i recommend starting with those. then also seek some navigation tutorials and other aviation tutorials on youtube, many of which come from the same videos student pilots use in their training.

one good site to use is
By Shamil Shah 1287821
#500711 Not perfectly but i can understand all the waypoints and airways.I have been flying in the simulator for a long time but i know there's a lot of difference in the real world. ;)
And also i ve taken lessons on IFR !
Now my issue is with FMC. I know that the default gps is outdated and cannot be used with the new flightplans.
Is there any alternatives for VasFMC ?
Because I have downloaded VasFMC as a folder named 3rdparty but theres no installation manual or anything and i have no idea on how to load it to the cockpit.
Thanks alot for your help anyway ! :)
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#500734 A fellow VATSIM pilot, Herve' Sors, has created and maintains web pages and databases containing updated Navaids and Fixes for FS9, FSX and P3D. Each link (one for Navaids, one for Fixes) includes an installer that makes life easy! These files will enable pilots who utilize their default MSFS or P3D GPS the ability to recognize the current Navaids and Fixes in their GPS. Pilots can then fly waypoint to waypoint via their default GPS, enabling them to fly RNAV Procedures. The files may be found here:


They are donationware, as described on Herve's home page

With these updates, it is possible to fly the RNAV DPs (and STARs as well) by using the GPS. AND.... once you have an updated GPS database, you may be able to eliminate a lot of the fast and furious waypoint plugging by exporting your route from vRoute to FSX format, and then loading (Flight > Plan > Load) to FSX. Go to for vroute. The free vroute standard version is all that you need to gain this functionality for most major airports; there is a premium version available for very short money if you prefer access to all airports as well as the features that are included in the premium version.

That's how I do it when using aircraft that utilize the default GPS (updated fixes and navaids plus vroute premium). Remember, this gives you all you need for lateral guidance only; you must plan and execute your vertical climb and descent profiles.

There are likely many other methods to do it. There is a freeware FMC out there called vasFMC that some folks use. There are probably others out there too. The freeware FMCs out there may rely on default (or updated) nav data from your default GPS, or may rely on payware Navigraph data (although I personally believe this data is actually pretty cheap, but cheap/expensive is different for everyone....). There may even be some payware FMCs too. You could do a forum or Google (or equivalent) search to learn more about those options if you were interested.
By Sachin Gnath 1260885
Shamil Shah 1287821 wrote:
Now my issue is with FMC. I know that the default gps is outdated and cannot be used with the new flightplans.
Is there any alternatives for VasFMC ?

Hello Shamil,

If you find difficulty in following your planned route with VASFMC have a look at this video.

Hope this helps.