By Ian Cowan 1364926
#506917 Hello all: I have recently been flying a lot on VATSIM and as you all probably well know, the controllers expect you to have charts. With searching around I found a great iPad app called AeroChart that has charts for every airport in the US. It has full premium features for 30 days, then there is a $15 subscription fee thereafter. I have found this helps greatly and saves paper and money! The included link below is for the US version but they have other versions for other countries as well. It's really helped me with chart availability on VATSIM!
By Wygene Chong 1089621
#506919 If you fly into Iceland regularly, there is the official app from the Icelandic Transport Authority with real world charts available for free:


It's available for Apple and Android devices, and of course, is also available online as a website.
By Steven Perry 810054
#506944 FltPlan Go app is free as well, if the Airnav or skyvector web format doesn't work well for you. You can download by state and have it all at the ready if you ever fly outside of wifi coverage.