By Xander Hoving 1382504
#510595 I recently bought the Airbus X pack from Aerosoft cause it got recommened to me and I love it eversince, but I have been using Little Navmap for mostly VFR or direct flight airliner flights, but I noticed that it does not read sids and stars and some of the waypoints or airways. But since I spend most of my money on the airbus pack, I do not have the money for PFPX.
So my question is, are there any freeware flightplanners that are kinda like PFPX and do read sids and stars?
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#510597 Simbrief is free and just as good.

I would also recommend a few videos on learning how to plan a flight etc.... Youll be much better at it when you learn how to do it, that way you have an idea if what some program gives you makes sense
By Jim Hurst 1353723
#510640 I primarily fly in North America.

For flight planning, I use -- It's also free, and it doesn't require registration, it uses current Airac data (without needing something like a Navigraph subscription), and personally, I find their map(s) much easier to read.

For airport / Sid / Star / ILS information, I use (USA) and (Canada). FltPlan does require registration (free). Airnav does not.

By Philip McNiel 1282687
#510913 I would add that is a great program for exporting flight plans to the simulator, and includes the SIDs/STARs for the biggest airports free of charge. There is a premium version for around 20-25 EU (not going to Google the exact price right now) that gives you access to the SIDs and STARs for a lot of different airports that aren't on their "free biggest airports" list. The payware version also has the option to export to a variety of payware FMC's, though I'm not sure about your particular product as I don't use it.

One rewarding feature is that you can add routes to their database if there's one you want, and if they approve your route it will be available for users of both the freeware and payware versions everywhere! I have personally added a few routes to their database, and plan to do more when I see an actual airline route that isn't there.
By Frank Lorijn 1466329
#536305 I use mainly Simbrief. It is simple and can export files to many flighsims./fmc's and it includes sids/stars as well.
It is free, the only downside is that the the airnav cycle is not updated, but you can edit / add your flightplan and then export it to I think almost all existing Flightsims/fmc's I know.
I also use, where you register free and it contains a huge Worldwide aviation database & maps.
By Alasdair Whyborn 1341821
#536324 For me skyvector+simbrief is enough, most countries have their AIP charts (airport and enr) available free in eAIPs and in cases where they don't often the local vACC will have them available.

Simbrief only gives you free access to an older AIRAC, but usually the changes are small and correctable.
By Daniel Morris 1132365
#537022 at the risk of repeating the above I also use simbrief, sky vector and ChartFox

Chart fox is a great tool for gathering charts easily for free.

of course if you did have the money I'd say subscribe to Navigraph, flight planning, flight planning export to sim, charts and FMC data.