By Ryan McLeod 1177597
#512636 hello everyone sorry if this is to long or a rookie mistake, if this info is allready out there. ok got a couple issues, i dont have a lot of payware airports basically just 1. i usually go to avsim and download the most recent afcad file to update the airport hence the date on the file below it. the other day i was flying from kord chicago i was given a taxi instruction with none of the taxiways matching up to my scenery, that the controller gave me. so how do i fix this how do i get the same airport in fsx that matches up to the controllers taxi instructions i feel like an idiot when the taxi instructions aren't the same as what my diagram and scenery show and i have to try and say uhhhh i dont have those taxiways. also as another rookie mistake i thought when you buy a payware airport it is the most up to date scenery you can get so i thought that was my problem i downloaded fs dream team's kord 2.0 update got on fsx and my avsim airport was more up to date then the payware. how do i know when im buying an airport that it is the most up to date? sorry if these are dumb questions i know a good bit about vatsim but i still have some rookie flaws. any advise would be appreciated. thanks all
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#512638 Chicago is one airport the has changed a lot. you probably have an old afcad that doesnt match the current layout. find one that does. there used to be one on the chicago artcc site, not sure if they still have it up.

this is one reason though why ive avoided flying to ORD for a few years now. could never keep up with the changes :lol:

as far as knowing if your payware is up to date before buying. thats where youll have to do a little digging, your first clue will be the release date. then check the dates of any updates that were released after. also check their forums, there youll often find posts from users talking about that. for example FSDT Las Vegas is outdated as they havent added the new terminal
By Ryan McLeod 1177597
#512640 thanks ernesto for the response. i couldn't find anything on chicago's site but i did have downloaded the most up to date afcad i could find for kord but the controller gave me taxiways that weren't on there where is he getting something more up to date? or would he have older taxiways which i dont think is the case.
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#512644 they use the most current layout on their sector files, unless the controller hasnt controlled in a long time and hasnt updated :lol:

if that happens, ill simply tell the controller i dont have the taxiways hes instructing, he can offer to take progressive taxi instructions or theyll just tell you to taxi to the runway.

what i like to do as well before the flight, i go to the top down view in the sim and compare to the taxi diagram to see if anything looks off. doing this ive also found that some afcads while having the layout correct, the taxiway signage is wrong, in these cases ill just go by the layout and try to match my position to the diagram so i know where my turns are
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#512649 You can also include a note in your Flight Plan remarks as to which company/organization your scenery add-on is from and what date or version it is, and, many controllers who work that airspace are familiar enough with the common available layouts that they'll know how to tailor their instructions to match what you have. Or, at the very least, they'll say something like "make the next right on Hotel, which may or may not show as Kilo on your end" (just a generic example; I'm not familiar with the various versions of O'Hare to give a more apropos one).

By the way, this is not a VATSIM rookie problem. This happens to anyone flying anywhere that a major runway/taxiway configuration change has occurred since 2006. Ask Camden Bruno from ZBW about the time he cleared me to land in the Boston Harbor because I was on a visual approach to 32 and suddenly realized I didn't have one of those. ;-)
By Camden Bruno 1253785
Robert Shearman Jr 1155655 wrote:Ask Camden Bruno from ZBW about the time he cleared me to land in the Boston Harbor because I was on a visual approach to 32 and suddenly realized I didn't have one of those. ;-)

LOL! Just saw this. Good times... :lol:
By Alex Jakovljevic 1313555
#515675 Sorry for bumping a dead post.

Happened to me today, was taxiing at CYYZ and taxiway F/F1/... showed as M/M1/... in FSX. However, if you have an up to date airport ground/taxi chart (and your scenery isn't missing any recent additions), it's not hard staying where ATC wants you to be (assuming you have even just a tiny little bit of situational awareness).

The simple lesson: always have an up to date chart, not only because it's good practice but also if your scenery doesn't match what the controller has, you will probably (99%) still be able to find your way around, as airports don't change drastically over short periods.