By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#515492 Are you sure they didn't send it via text over the frequency or perhaps in a PM?

Depending upon the pilot client, you can fetch your flight plan back from the VATSIM servers... but if the controller were expecting you to do that, I'd recommend submitting feedback to the ARTCC/FIR/etc. as that seems like some re-training is in order.

EDIT: Looking at the stats website, it would appear you keep forgetting to include a route in your flight plan.
By Jarid Masiel 1373874
Mat Frank 1394397 wrote:ATC mentioned they made changes to my flight plan and to let them know if it would work for me. My question is, where do I look up their changes?

They should send it over text as a courtesy. I'm assuming you're using vPilot. So go into vPilot > Flight Plan > Fetch From Server. The amended route, cruise altitude, etc. will turn up after doing that. If you get nothing, the controller has not amended anything.

Mat Frank 1394397 wrote:I can pull up the original plan on the VATSIM website, but it doesn't show ATC's edits. Any ideas?

The original plan can be pulled up in vPilot/other pilot client. Remember the fetch from server button for any amendments you think were made. If you aren't putting in a route, double-check what you are and aren't filing. If you're flying IFR, you must put in a route. If you're flying from KJFK-KBOS, for example, then your route will be MERIT ROBUC2 or something similar. Hope this helps.

By Mat Frank 1394397
#515524 Thank you both for your assistance. I should have included that I'm using xSquakbox for x-plane which doesn't have a "fetch from server" option. I rechecked the text logs and didn't see anything in there from them.

Bradley, you're correct, I absolutely did not include a route (newb mistake) which is why ATC was sending a suggestion back to see if it would work for me. Lessons learned on paying attention to detail.

Looking forward, I might see if I can use another client as a standalone for cases like this and see how it works out. Thank you again for your assistance.
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#515525 If it happens again and you don't see anything in text or via PM, I'd simply ask the controller to send the new route via text.

It's certainly possible that the controller meant to do that in the first place but fat-fingered a key and ended up not sending anything. Not that I've ever done such a thing... :D