By Manuel Ring 1407599
#518773 Hello Everbody
This is my very first post and I like to introduce myself. My name is Manuel. In the "real world" I'm Captain on Citation Business Jets flying for a Business Charter Company based in LSGS (Sion Switzerland). I'm looking for a possibility to down-load the good old "Final Approach Chart Atlas and Approach Chart Designer" or ANY other Chart Designer Software that will run on Windows 7 on my PC. Reason for my request: I do have to write for our Company a complete "Category C Airport Contingency Procedure" for the French Airfield of Annemasse LFLI. With Y IFR/VFR Arrival, GPS-Based VFR Contingency Approaches and Z VFR/IFR Departures. Good old "Final Approach" was such a usefull tool back then.... and starting from scratch on a white sheet of paper with Windows "Creator" graphic symbols or similar would be such a PITA...any advise is highly appreciated. Thank you so much and allways happy landings. Manuel
By Manuel Ring 1407599
#518827 Hello Again
Further to my innitial post from yesterday I do have the following request:
I have found and downloaded the Final Approach Chart Designer ZIP FILE: ... Atlas_1020
When I try to open the FINAL.APP.EXE file, the following File Error pop up appears: "Cannot find VBRUN100.DLL"
I tried a repair with an on-line DLL repair-ware but to no avail.
Is there anybody out there that is able to repair and open the Final Approach Chart FINAL.APP.EXE file ?
Thank you so much for your help.
Happy landings Manuel
By Markus Vitzethum 815055
#519802 Hi Manuel,

I haven't heard someone talking about the "Final Approach" designer software - I remember that program but that's quite a long time ago.

That's why I suspect that it probably won't run on a modern 64-bit computer. I'm pretty sure (from the Windows 3.1 look) that it is 16-bit software which does not run anymore on recent 64-bit computers like Win7 or Win10 (32-bit computers are rare these days.)

How about another approach - I notice that the VATSIM divisions for e.g. Switzerland, Germany, ... do offer charts. I might be wrong but it looks like the have been designed by in-house designers (to avoid copyright issues). How about consulting the chart designers of Vatsim Germany or Switzerland on how they did it? (Which software, templates, ... ). Mabye you're lucky and they are able to offer assistance...