By Mark Rice 1407935
#518825 Hello all, I am brand new here. I love the idea of all this. I bought MFSX with DA42 add on, to help me renew my IR, which I am struggling with this year...never flown glass cockpit before. Well, I thought MFSX was not great, til I bought a stick and throttle! Now I feel like I have an ALSIM in my house! Looking forward to join you all.

Whatever, not sure I am posting this in the correct place, couldn't see anywhere more appropriate. I'm trying to get the ILS working for EGTK Oxford and I downloaded Matt Hardman's EGTK add on. But as yet I can't get it working.

Very simple question, which might sound silly to experienced FS users, but will the add on only work whilst in VATSIM? Or do I have another problem with the download? In the notes to the add on it states that the add on is for use within VATSIM.

Thanks for your patience with a newbie.
By Johnny Coughlan 861497
#518826 Hi Mark,

Welcome, I'd say your best bet is to head over to and post your question in their forum, they're the U.K. division on VATSIM and could probably answer your question quicker.

You won't need to sign up as your VATSIM ID/pass is used there too.