By Gordon Zhu 1182053
#518956 Hello everyone,
I want to know the way to plan the route between the NATs Oceanic Airspace and the North American Domestic Airspace.
In this case, I want to ask how to plan the route prior to entering the NAT, leaving from U.S.

I know FAA publishes NAT advisory message every day via FAA ATC Centre Advisory Database. Which provides the information regarding the specified transition procedure from the airports to the NAT entry points. However, this information is only for east coast airports. For some airports near mid-east to central U.S. (ie. ORD, DFW etc), there's no way to find the predetermined routes connected to the tracks.

One reason is, flights that departing from the central U.S are more likely to pick a track near the north. They have to fly over the Canadian domestic airspace to enter the NAT from the NE of Canada. Does anyone know the way to find the advised routes connect to NAT entry points within Canadian Domestic Airspace? Is there a source like FAA Advisory Database or has similar functionalities?

By the way, how do you plan a route from ORD to DUB with track inserted?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.