By Richard McDonald Woods 843615
#519700 I am pleased to announce a rather different approach to flight simulation videos at ... DNcT4u7KyX .

A 6-part B777-300ER tutorial demonstrating a long-haul flight across the Pacific from YSSY to CYVR using the PMDG simulator.

The tutorial is intended to educate, entertain and to provoke informed discussions on this forum by covering flight planning, flight preparation, departure, en route and arrival procedures. It includes planning for and execution of ETOPS and re-dispatch procedures.

I decided to make the captain the centre of all views. So, no views that a real-world captain cannot see.

The tutorial element is supported by voice interactions with both the crew and air traffic control and extensive helpful texts.
You can also view the flight plan at .

A full list of hardware and software used in the making of the tutorial is included at the end.

Please contribute your comments as posts to this forum.
By Richard McDonald Woods 843615
#521077 Hi Andrej!
Many thanks for your feedback. Yes, it took me and an editor nearly 6 months to create. At times we were nearly driven to distraction trying to get things to flow properly. :(
I would very much appreciate it if you would post some comments on the YouTube videos so that others are encouraged to join in with additional comments. I welcome corrections to my techniques because this can also help others to improve their piloting skills. :)
Again, thanks for your comment.
Kind regards, Richard