By John Domino 1432204
#526388 I am a returning VATSIM pilot, I haven't been on here for several years but I have chosen to give this another go. I am attempting to leave no stone un-turned with making sure all protocols and procedures are properly followed, especially with my flight planning. Now I have seen countless Tutorial Videos and posts on how Flight Plans are created/exported/filed. My question is quite simply;

how do we get from a chain of Intersections, VORS, and Airport Waypoints, (FSX)to a nice clean and straight forward Flight route that the ATC will comprehend(SkyVector)?

Next how can I translate what I'm seeing in FSX to a cleaned up and more comprehensive plan?

It is obvious that for ILS Plans, FSX has to have all of those points established to make the route work. Nut then we have the issues of:
-Not know Active Runways until you first tune ATIS.
-Possible Modifications to the Flight Plan, etc...

Then there is the arrival where you do not know what Runway you will be receiving vectors for or any other possible changes.

I know that this may all sound like pretty simple problems, however, I haven't spent several hours/days doing as much research as I can though VATSIM resources and my new VA's pages, and all have the same responses. (Use this payware or freeware, and input in VATSIM Flight Filer). That's fine and Dandy, however, those points do not match up with the FSX charts entirely well. All in all.... HELP!!!!! I WANT TO FLY RIGHT AND NOT MAKE PEOPLE ANGRY!!!!!
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#526395 Hi John --

Shoot me an email, & let's set up a time to meet one-on-one via Discord & I'll walk you through the basics. The answers to your questions depend on what you're flying & where, so, it's probably best to have a conversation than a series of back-and-forth messages.

cfi (at) vatstar (dot) com