By Ronald Vermeij 869984
#529543 Hello all,
I'm busy preparing and planning a kind of a "TACAN-Tour around the EU" -military bases.
I want to do it "as realistic as possible" so i'm searching for TACAN route charts (like these from the UK, NL)
- <- link to downloadable PDF
- <- link to downloadable PDF

So far I've been able to locate TACAN-(SID/STAR) charts for some EU-military bases at CENOR:
- - Various EU military airdromes.
- - Per Country Instrument arrival/departure charts

EUROCONTROL offers great (upper / lower) regional en-route charts:

EUROCONTROL also has a great AIS / STATE overview:

SKYVECTOR shows (nearby) radio navigation aid frequencies (example EHLW:)

OpenAIP shows Tacan channel frequencies on some EU-military airbases:

The French eAIP even offers a nice detailed low-level rout chart

Q: Where can I find the Pan-EU TACAN-(en)route charts of all EU-countries:
Those big TACAN-ROUTE charts , the ones to fly from on EU-country to the next:
- Does each EU-country have its own Mil-AIP?
- Is there 1 EU-centralized chart-mapping location for them?

Thanks for your suggestions where to look for them.
By Ronald Vermeij 869984
#529671 Thank you Nestor for this website.

Is there also an English language version of this website? since I encountered a internal error,
when clicking on the UK flag in the upper right corner
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#529672 Yup, for some reason that link seems to be broken. Anyway, if you press the first link on the site (that's always to select the latest AIRAC), once you're in, the english version then works.
By Torben Andersen 861112
#530679 For Denmark you need to see the Military AIP:
In the section ENR 3.5 you can find descriptions and charts for the two TACAN routes crossing Danish airspace.