By Jan Naslund 812053
#529719 Hi,

I am doing a round-the -world flight from ESSA to ESSA westbound in a PC-12 and i wanted to cross Canada but i can't find any available IFR approach charts for Canada.

I searched this forum and found this link:

The post promised free Canadian charts so i I registered and managed to log in but i cant access any charts.

I normally try to access each countrys AIP and Canada's AIP is here : ... rrent.aspx

It has all the info except the charts :(

Does anyone know if Canadian approach charts are available anywhere?

Best Regards / Jan
By nebojsa milosavljevic 817731
#529805 Log in to FLtPlan
On the left side you will see Airports&FBOs---click on it and it opens
Click on Airport/FBO info
Enter AirportID ---search
Scroll down the page and you will see...... Approach Charts for the airport ID code
You will see a fast viewing or PDF .If you click PDF is opens to show all charts related to the airport.
Hope it helps,nebojsa