By Steen Jorgensen 1187013
#530867 I've read that the flight plan should be filed both on and in XSquawkBox. Is this true? If so, is there an easy way to enter the flight plan into XSquawkBox? I can't paste text into the route field - I have to type the entire route in manually. Is this what other people do?

Also, if ATC requests that you change the flight plan and send it again, do they mean the one on or the one in XSquawkbox or both?

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By Philipp Edlich 1081694
#530869 You can send it both ways. The URL is Prefiling (data will be stored for up to 2 hours and be connected to your callsign). If you send a revised flight plan via your pilot client later, it will overwrite the prefiling. Regarding your question on how to enter your route in xSquawkbox, I cannot help you, since I never used xPlane.