By Ian Cowan 1364926
#535172 Hello all!
Here the past few months, I have been working on AviationAPI which is designed to be an API that allows anyone to pull FAA charts, weather, and/or VATSIM information in a JSON format. I meant this project to be for developers, but I also created a front end interface so anyone can use it!

On the API's end, there are many options for which charts you would like to pull, and please note that at the moment you are only able to pull FAA charts, although the support for worldwide charts is in the list of things to do. Weather (METAR/TAF) can be pulled from any station in the world along with any VATSIM data for any airport in the world! I will post a link below on how to access the API and the front end website.

If anyone has any suggestions for the API and/or the front end, or finds any bugs that I have yet to discover, please let me know!

API Documentation:
Front End Website: