By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#540713 No idea when this was requested, but a quick squiz at finds no airways in Ireland (direct routing only)
There is 1 waypoint between EICK and EIKN, and a SID that joins it


There are no STARS at EIKN, only approaches ... RUM%20EIKN
By Torben Andersen 861112
#540759 Ireland uses the concept of Free Route Airspace (FRA). Loosely meaning that you can fly direct from e.g. a way point at the FIR border to the start of the STAR, or from the end of the SID to a waypoint at the FIR border. However, there can be some not easily spotted variation within this theme, which can be a bit challenging to find out. But FRA now exists over large parts of Europe, not only Ireland. Even countries, where you can find routes on the charts, can have FRA. Scandinavia for one.