By Sander Cedee 1449341
#542346 Hi all,

I noticed that a few pilots choose runways to land on, that are the best choice concerning wind and less taxi-time, but in real life are closed at that time; (So it might end up with e.g. angry citizens complaining about environmental / noise...the surrounding inhabitants will not let a chance pass by to complain of course ;-) Well anyways: There is a handy website to check, with an image in which you can see what runway(s) are actually in use for Departure and Arrivals when there is no ATC coverage on VATSIM:

Just a suggestion for pilots who want to be close to reality,
Happy flyin'
By Torben Andersen 861112
#542389 "I'm surprised that this isn't common knowledge among those who fly into or out of EHAM"

Honestly, if no controllers are available at an airport, it is up to you as the PiC to choose the most favourble rwy - noone else.
Landing on 18R is nice, if you like long taxiing around, but 18C is often a better choice. So look and listen to traffic in the area, and adjust. But puritanism has killed a lot of the joy.