By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#542567 Hmm, in what sense? Are you looking for charts or official information about the airspace and where you are supposed to fly?

Check the charts:
And Skyvector is also a great resource to check for airspace structures: ... 0undefined
By Tomas Hansson 840812
#542604 Toronto airspace is fairly complex but if you are going in as GA, you have the option of staying below controlled airspace until you are fairly close to CYTZ. Once you get close you will need to talk to CYTZ Tower, CYYZ_DEP (Toronto Terminal), CYYZ_APP or TOR_CTR (in that order) to get cleared into the Class C. It is a beautiful approach that I have flown a couple of times in real-life (any many times in the sim). has available sectional charts and has the airport charts that you will need.