General Discussion Concerning Military Type Flying
By Joel Richters 891193
#505680 Good afternoon everyone

Nearly 11 years ago I joined VATSIM! The first ever VA I joined was VUSCG. I did hundred of hours flying and it formed the basis of what I know and love today about virtual flying, and indeed my RL flying.

I have noticed that it closed down just a little time ago, and because of my connection to it, I would really like to get it operational again. I'm sure there are plenty of people within this community who have had the same experience as me and would like to see it open again!

If there is anyone who would be interested in supporting this, please email me at

Thank you!
By Sean Harrison 870618
#505685 I am interested.

I did 1000hrs+ with vUSCG, and have real world SAR Management qualifications and Experience.
By Robbie Nauffts 1045788
#512386 The great part now would be with Carrier Convoy Planner you are able to place ships at sea that will follow a course and make finding them a challenge.

Sorry for the late bump, I didn't see this before but I would have helped out.