General Discussion Concerning Military Type Flying
By Robbie Nauffts 1045788
#518385 Good Evening Everyone!

The is proud to announce that we have gone live with two exciting updates:

1.) A dedicated fleet Helicopter Squadron with a training pipeline for pilots of all experience to standardize fleet operations and

2.) Have enabled the Cerasim H-60 with the tacpack add-on from VRS.

With these two programs, we are now able to take our operations to a deeper immersion with anti-surface warfare and CSAR. Pilots without tacpack are still able to fly in a non-combat role with SAR, plane guard, external load slings and more.

I know this has been my first post with Hovercontrol but I have been a non-member member for a very long time. I know the quality of pilots here and if you are looking for something new and challenging, check out the vUSN!

The vUSN is one of the longest running VSOA's on the VATSIM network and has some of the highest standards when it comes to our pilots. If you are interested, check out our website and facebook group for pictures and more. Having real world Hornet pilots and Navy members makes us strive for realism.