General Discussion Concerning Military Type Flying
By Jacob Smith 1384525
#524631 Hi, so I've recently got into military flying in flight sims, and I was wondering how I would go about getting the correct training to carry out military operations. I've seen I need to join VSO and be trained by them. I'm wondering if, for example, I join the Virtual American Air force, would I be able to conduct military operations in places like Canada, or the UK? Or would I be limited to just America?

Also, after training, can I then conduct things like mid-air refuelling by myself (With AI) on the network, or must it be a planned event by the VSO?

Thanks in advance.
By Tomas Hansson 840812
#524642 Yes, you are correct. You cannot perform military ops on the network unless you are part of a vSOA.
Short answer: All military flights must be with the vSOA and they will not allow you to do "free flights" on your own. All military flying on VATSIM must be as part of the vSOA and only as explicitly authorized by your Chain of Command.

For the long answer you would need to consult each vSOA's rules and regs. :)