General Discussion Concerning Military Type Flying
By Scott Gray 934228

Virtual United States Navy (VUSN) announces leaving VATSIM network after 20 years

Headquarters VUSN, Washington DC, 06 JUN 2019 – It is with heavy hearts that after 20 years the Virtual United States Navy (VUSN) which was created to emulate and honor the real United States Navy, has decided that it is time for our organization to leave the VATSIM network. As a founding VSOA member this was a very difficult decision as you can imagine, however, the culture that has developed over the years within the VSOA community no longer mirrors the founding philosophy of the VUSN. Initially, VSOAs forged a path associated with one specific branch of the military to represent, respect, and honor those real-world men and women of those services. We provided our members with near real-world procedures and flight operations. The trend now is to try to be something for everyone by offering nearly all flight simulator platforms, flying multiple branches of services, and flying numerous aircraft. We believe that this has generally resulted in a significantly watered-down environment of organizations with limited members for each and thus many are not providing a professional level of representation of the real-world counterparts.

The use of some great US naval aviation aircraft by many great developers including VRS and Dino, along with addons like vLSO will be dearly missed. But the operation of those aircraft and addons on the VATSIM network was challenging to say the least. Lastly was the limited means to provide a fully functional combat environment in a multiplayer environment was nearly impossible and, in most case, cumbersome at best.

The VUSN isn’t going away completely, as we have decided that the DCS platform will allow us to preserve our long-standing presence in the hobby. The VUSN will continue our philosophy of focusing on US naval aviation and providing our members with a highest level of realism and enjoyment. We have seen a strong growth in spirt of our members, seeing numerous members flying together in a stable multiplayer environment with minimal need for any addons or programs to get things to work. The ease and simplicity of running DCS allows members to fly more rather than continually troubleshooting.

So, on behalf of our founders Todd Cox (USN ret.) and Mark Di Domenico (USN ret.), and all former and present members of the VUSN, we wish all in the VSOA whom enjoy this fantastic hobby true enjoyment and more importantly the creation of long-time friendships. The VUSN hereby salutes VATSIM and all the true friends we have had the pleasure of creating over the past 20 years.

Fair winds and following seas.

Virtual United States Navy